Tradition and innovation

The “Manufaktura” Sp. J. Smoleński & Zwierz Stone Pottery Factory in Bolesławiec is a family company which combines the tradition of manual pottery creation and decoration with new design trends. In co-operation with renown artists, “Manufaktura” translates Bolesławiec traditions into contemporary Customer requirements.


We believe that pottery is created from the combination of five elements: earth, water, wind, fire and the human desire to be surrounded by beauty. The last of those elements (but not the only one) is the subject of our company blog. We co-operate with cooking bloggers who use the blog to publish their unique recipes inspired by our pottery and presented on it. We would like to encourage you to follow the “Five elements” blog.


Our pottery created by hand fully matches environmentally friendly trends. We do not use any chemicals in the manufacturing process; also the paints used for ornamentation are not harmful to the environment. We have certificates approving the use of our pottery in contact with food. What is more, the pottery is also suitable for use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. You can view the full range of our products and buy them in our online shop. We would like to invite you to visit it!


How to make sure that Bolesławiec tradition is not lost? Simply pass the knowledge to the next generations. That is why we created the Live Museum of Pottery where we present the creation of our pottery step by step. We also organize workshops during which everybody can learn the pottery craft.

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